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We're a company of health-conscious, life-loving people who are committed to living every day to the fullest. Helping people take ownership of their health and well-being through superior quality probiotic supplements is our calling.
How a passion became a mission.

When we first experienced the health-boosting benefits of probiotics, we loved how great they made us feel. We got sick less often. We had more energy. Lip outbreaks became a thing of the past. And our digestive systems functioned way better. It wasn't long before we decided to make it our mission to share the power of probiotics with the world.

Probiotics are the future.
We believe probiotics are the future of health and wellness supplements. And every day, more and more scientific and physician-backed studies are pointing that way. For us, it really comes down to this:

When you start from a place of health, there's nowhere you can't go and nothing you can't do in life.

Clear Probiotics helps in three powerful ways.
Supercharge your immunity