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Great product

I feel much better after taking the probiotic. I will recommend it to my family and friends.

My colon is like new

I started using the product when the owner send me clear for free to try,well now I use it every day and its helping my chrons.I can not leave my home without this product.Ot change my life.I ordered another product but I did not do as well and I would like customer service to contact me.

I’ve been taking this product for about three weeks. I haven’t noticed any difference at all. I understand sometimes it takes longer to have an effect from some thing that you’re taking but I have not had any observable or felt experience of difference. I will finish taking the remaining tablets but how do you seriously think about whether I want to re-order or not.

Clear brain and mood by clear probiotics

It's been great ! Relaxes me a bit from severe stress.

Not sure if it’s working yet!

I’ve been taking this for almost a month. I hope it works like it says it does. I do feel a little clearer, but need longer to access. Fingers crossed it does!

Clear Brain & Mood

Amazing product

At first I was skeptical, but I messaged the owner for more info and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. I have fewer brackouts and if I do get one it is short and less painful.

Clear Lip & Skin Health
Fairouz Gazdallah
Haven’t received my purchase!

I still am waiting to receive my purchase. I have send an email through the contact form but still did not receive a reply. I have purchased for 190 dollars so I am pretty concerned about the fact you are not answering its an over a month and a half!


I have been taking Clear for over a month now. It has helped my IBS immensely! I have not had the flare ups/diarrhea that I was having sometimes twice a week. Don't ever stop making this product. Thank you.

Seems to work okay

On the right path…...

It has been about 3 weeks now that I have been taking Clear Gut & Immunity and have had great results. I am regular and feeling much better. So far so good… I think I’m on the right path… Thanks!

Clear Lip & Skin Health
Savannah Dennis Dunn
I can finally live life fully

I struggled with horrible cold sore outbreaks since I was little. The outbreaks were sometimes clusters of 4 or more cold sores which were very noticeable and resulted in a lot of bullying. I would cancel dates or work and cry,wishing I could find something that’d keep the reoccurring sores dormant.I’m so grateful that I found this while randomly searching for remedies on google.Past me would’ve cried tears of joy to know that I can finally spend everyday doing whatever I want and not having to hide away in my house. I guess it was a probiotic issue all along,I wondered why it seemed like I formed a new cold sore every other week and nobody else I knew got them that often,I knew something was off I just figured my immune system sucked.Anyways,I saw results a week in,this stuff is amazing.

Clear Brain & Mood
Nick Penachio
It seems to work

Hello, it seems to work- though sometimes I get headaches and don’t take it for afew days. I will keep using it and we see what occurs next.

digestive tune-up

Great Positive Effects

So far I'm loving Clear Brain & Mood Probiotics. I found within a couple of days my brain fog cleared and I feel like my old self a lot more. Hasn't changed anything in my mood but definitely believe it's helping my brain, which I needed a lot of help with. Definitely give them a try if you're searching for a great probiotic. Great price, & fantastic results!

Clear probiotics

Good product, working very well

Clear Brain & Mood
Denise Jones

Really like your product…so far it is having positive benefits for me.

Love it!

It's amazing! Puts me in a great mood! I take it once or twice a day and now sharing it with all my Family & Friends!

Clear Brain & Mood
Annemarie Clews
Mood lifting

I have felt a difference slightly in my mood and I’m not procrastinating as much so I feel it’s been beneficial for me

Seems to be working!

Clear Gut & Immunity

Life Changing

I have had cold sores for years and my lips got super bad after I had my son and my hormones were all over the place. I’ve spent so much money on every kind of lip treatment/chapsticks out there and nothing has worked like Clear Probiotics. This product has seriously changed my life!

Has worked well so far

Has helped me fight cold sores a lot

Clear Brain & Mood
Geraldine Banks

Clear Brain & Mood

Clear Lip & Skin Health
SUSAN Galletta
Clear Lip

After only 15 days of use I went to Key West and spent 4 days out in the sun, using lip protection as I always do. Usually I would have a lip break out a day or two later, but this time I felt the tingle but never had the full break out. I am very happy with the product!