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Great product!

Love the product so far. The true test for me will be this summer when I’m more at risk for cold sores from sun exposure.

Clearer Skin, Regular Guts and most importantly, Much Less Pain!

I’ve been on these probiotics for 30 days now, and as a person with chronic inflammation I can honestly say these have helped me immensely. I have clearer skin on my arms, which wasn’t expected but much appreciated and my bathroom habits have greatly normalized as well!

Clear Brain & Mood
Dawn Kotzen
Brain Fog Gone

I just started taking the Clear Brain & Mood and love it! Thanks to this formula with Lion's Mane Mushroom and Gingko Biloba my Brain Fog is Gone! I also feel less stress and calm. Great combination!

Clear Brain & Mood
Janine Terrill
Digestion has improved

My mood and digestion are markedly better.

Maintaining health

I've been using this for about 2-3 months now. No issues, seems like it helps my digestion balanced and keeps me regular.

Clear probiotics

Love this product. Everyone in the house takes it.

Clear Brain & Mood
Shawn McCarthy
Long Covid

My doctor suggested I take this due to continuing cognitive issues from Covid. I haven't noticed a difference yet but have only been taking it for about 30 days 🤞🏻👍🏻.

Healthy Gut Equals Healthy Skin!

I am 90 years old, and my complexion has improved since using Cleat Probiotics!

Clear inflamatory Response

Definitivamente este suplemento es excepcional. Desde que lo uso he notado un alivio en la inflamación del área abdominal. Además, me siento más tranquila al saber que estoy consumiendo un producto de alta calidad, que me ayuda a mi salud en general. Excelente resultado.


Works pretty well. Only one outbreak and very minimum in about a year of using this.

Clear Brain & Mood
Lara cunningham Cunningham
Good combination

Lions mane and Gingko are best for brain support. I like taking them w the probiotic. Less pills to take!

This product saved my vacation!

Every time I swim in the ocean I get a cold sore on my lips. Clear for lips and skin saved me from an embarrassing cold sore.

Clear Gut & Immunity

Clear Brain & Mood
charles conrad

Havn't noticed any differance....yet

Clear Gut & Immunity
Not ready

I can't give a review yet because I haven't started yet . As soon as I do start this supplement I will give a review. I could only give one star rating since i haven't started this supplement.


Clear Brain & Mood

Great product! It’s doing a good job!

Great product!

This a great product! I ordered Clear Gut & Immunity for my bloating and gut restore. It worked great and helped resolve my issue. I would recommend to my family and friends. Thank you for making it available!

Clear Lip & Skin Health
Angela Villarreal

Clear Lip & Skin Health

Product assessment

I find your Clear Probiotics to be of excellent quality and results

Great Product

Great product that is reasonably priced.”

Clear Lip & Skin Health
Xavier Campbell
Clear Skin

This product really works. My skin looks healthier than ever.

So far, so good

I have been using these less than a month, but I do feel it is helping both my body and my gut. I have severe pain issues from a crushed spine, from C1 to S1, plus fibromyalgia and I'm moving a bit more fluidly, I also have colitis and it seems to be taming my morning stomach pain. I will give it a chance to keep making improvements.


It’s working! I was skeptical but the embarrassment I was feeling was worth the expense to try. The product works and it is helping with my gut issues too.

My Brain

I have many products for the brain and never felt anything from them. But with this product, I have. I have so much that I have recently reordered Clear, to give it the 3 month test. That will give me a really "clear" idea of the product. Fingers crossed.

I just got it a couple days ago so have no idea yet. Thelma