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Clear Gut & Immunity

Life Changing

I have had cold sores for years and my lips got super bad after I had my son and my hormones were all over the place. I’ve spent so much money on every kind of lip treatment/chapsticks out there and nothing has worked like Clear Probiotics. This product has seriously changed my life!

Has worked well so far

Has helped me fight cold sores a lot

Clear Brain & Mood
Geraldine Banks

Clear Brain & Mood

Clear Lip & Skin Health
SUSAN Galletta
Clear Lip

After only 15 days of use I went to Key West and spent 4 days out in the sun, using lip protection as I always do. Usually I would have a lip break out a day or two later, but this time I felt the tingle but never had the full break out. I am very happy with the product!

So far I have to say this is the best product out there to keep cold sores at bay.

Saved my life!

It works so fast! Kept me from breaking out further and the healing time was almost immediate. Thank you so much. I will definitely be making sure I never run out!!

Clear Brain & Mood
Michele Taylor

Clear Brain & Mood

Clear Lip & Skin Health

It works!

In approximately 3 and 1/2 weeks, thinking became clearer and short-term retention greater. Thank you!

Clear Brain & Mood 2-Pack
Vanessa Daniels

I have seen an improvement and will continue to take as suggested starting on my second bottle and hope about the marked improvement!!!

What’s difference - Brain fog fading

Having suffered for nearly two years, not being able to focus, thoughts jumbled and my frustration levels so high, I feel some optimism for the first time! I am thirty days in and my thinking is clearer. My wife noticed, and also that I am in a better mood these days! My only complaint is that it took them 3 weeks to ship it because it went on back order, and I almost canceled so I took off a star. I’m glad I didn’t cancel though!

Amazing product

Ever since I went back to my Zumba and Pilates class after mandates were lifted, I found that my muscles were achy and my joints were stiff. I put it down to being unfit, but after a few weeks they still felt the same! I didn’t want to keep taking Advil or putting on Voltaren, and definitely not anything stronger either. My son suggested I try Clear Inflammatory Response, - he had used it when he pulled a hamstring. I have been taking it for about 10 days now and it’s been amazing. No more sore joints or stiffness, even after really active workouts. Definitely worth a try.

Clear Gut & Immunity
Steve Dennis
Immune System Stronger

Have frequently had colds, flus, and always felt run down..Since taking these probiotics, I haven't been sick in months (KNOCK ON WOOD). My bowels are regular, and immune system defense feels way stronger. Will continue to use daily.

My Stomach Cramps are Gone!

I suffer terribly from stomach cramps and long, painful visits to the bathroom (TMI), but this product had been a godsend! After taking it once a day for 10 days it has literally reduced them to almost zero. The only reason I am making this a four-star is because it them took two weeks to send to me. They said it had been out of stock, but I really needed it sooner.

Life changing after two tough years!

For the last nearly two years I have suffered from so many inflammatory issues - joint pain, achy muscles, shortness of breath even after minor exercise, fatigue and bowel problems. My naturopath told me to try Clear Inflammatory Response, and I have been taking it for about 6 weeks. After about 3 weeks I started to feel less fatigued. A couple of weeks later I noticed my breathing was better and muscle aches were not as severe. Even though I still feel some joint pain, my joints are feeling a lot better each day. This is the first real progress for me. Thank you so much!

Thank you…. Great Product!

So far so good. Noticed an improvement almost right away. I’ll be sticking with this as part of my routine.

My daughter loves these

Im also taking a product from Clear and love the results. So I bought these for my daughter (first grade) and she loves the flavor. We take our probiotics every morning before school and she likes that I do it with her. I see a lot of improvement in her bathroom time, her appetite, her sleep, her overall health, etc. I have recommended these to several other moms already.

Gut solves inflammation issues

Who would of known that your gut is the answer to inflammation issues?? My doctor pointed me towards Clear Probiotics and I am forever thankful...Typically I don't leave reviews- but had to here...I get terrible inflammation from an auto immune condition I have, and this really helps me with pain and swelling. Will be adding these to my must have supplements.

Truly remarkable product

Very grateful to come across the inflammatory response probiotic as it has saved me from incredible joint & muscle pain. I am very active but deal with the repercussions of my activity with aches in joints primarily in my lower body and the muscles in lower body & upper torso. This inflammatory response product saves me from having to feel pain all day and lets me live my life in comfort. I really highly recommend this product if you have similar aches or pains in your muscles & joints and just want to get back to living a pain free and happy life. The ginger and turkey tail really temper down any inflammation and help my stomach. I don't do this often but shoutout to Clear Probiotics for making such a wonderful and lifesaving product.

Clear Gut & Immunity
Martine Ross
Great product for helping stomach issues

I'm a new mom and I had a lot of heartburn, indigestion and other stomach issues in my pregnancy. I decided to try these probiotics to help get things back in order. Since I started them I feel so much better. My sleep has greatly proved as I'm no longer waking up throughout the night with indigestion. Highly recommend this product for anyone with similar concerns!

Father of two with new job swears by it

I'm a recent second time father and started a new, demanding job a few months prior to the birth of our second. Facing sleep upsets and new requirements made me pull the trigger on getting this and I'm only sorry I didn't get it sooner! I feel like this has been the key to helping me stay sharp through sleepless nights and helped me stay concentrated during long, virtual meetings. I like that this combines natural ingredients (mushrooms) and probiotics (which can also be found in many foods) to help me get my supplements in one go.
No one likes grumpy, forgetful dad. This helps remove that gump feeling by improving my mood and memory -- and my colleagues seem impressed that I haven't missed a beat since coming back to work.

Clear Brain & Mood
Amy Bartlett
Finally some relief from the fog

I have tried everything there is to improve my memory and concentration.
I decided to try these because my aunt swears by them and the unique combination of prebiotics, probiotics, Lions Mane mushrooms and Ginko seemed like a really unique and targeted combination.
There has been a noticeable improvement after 2 weeks and the fog is finally clearing.
I had trouble getting my mouth to say what my brain was thinking. A feeling of it being right there but not being able to "pull it out" and now it seems to just flow
The fatigue is also gone and I have more energy probably because of using less energy stressing and struggling to focus and remember things through the brain fog. I am so much more calm and relaxed and my family and friends have noticed the change.
This has changed my life!

Clear Brain & Mood
Virginia Harris
Wow This is Great

I tried this because of the combo of probiotic and mushrooms and wow is it fantastic. I feel very clear and focused, my mood is a lot better, the brain fog is gone. It’s easy to take, sitting right here on my desk every morning. I wish I found this sooner.

Clear Brain & Mood
Rebecca Evans
What a difference!

I seldom, if ever do reviews. And I am already a fan and user of probiotics for my "woman's needs" LOL, so adding Clear Brain & Mood to my daily regimen was not a stretch, because I find myself struggling for certain words, less able to remember things that used to be no trouble. This product has had an incredible impact on my memory! None of my other probiotic products combined the probiotics with mushroom like Lion's Mane, and I think that has made the difference here. I did find that I had some initial bloating when I first started it, but that was gone within about two weeks - and it was well worth the discomfort!